“One must always maintain one’s connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it.”

Gaston Bachelard

Individual, Marital and Family Counseling and Psychotherapy


Children, Adolescents and Adults Experiencing:

  1. -Sadness, depression, mood swings

  2. -Anxiety, excessive worry, obsessive thinking

  3. -Fear, anxiety or panic

  4. -Low self-esteem, lack of confidence

  5. -Self-blame, self-consciousness, shame, guilt

  6. -Chronic or excessive anger

  7. -Loss and grief

  8. -Negativism, pessimism, irritability

  9. -Indecisiveness, confusion, difficulty concentrating

  10. -Difficulty trusting others

  11. -Chemical Dependency

  12. -Disordered Eating

  13. -Relationship problems (marital, familial, school or work)

  14. -Communication difficulties

  15. -Test or performance anxiety

  16. -Blocks to achieving peak performance

  17. -Recurring thoughts of sexual/and or physical abuse, abandonment or neglect

The above symptoms can arise from:

  1. -family turmoil

  2. -emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse

  3. -chemical dependency (self or family member)

  4. -chronic pain or illness

  5. -divorce (

  6. -death of a loved one

  7. -end of a romantic relationship

In addition to using traditional counseling and psychotherapy techniques, Dr. Hughes has expertise in the following treatment modalities:

        EMDR – Hypnotherapy – Play Therapy – MindBody Healing –

        Animal Assisted Therapy - Peak Performance Coaching

“All disorders serve as messengers for us to learn from.”

Australian AboriginalTeaching